Its Christmas time again in the year, a lot people are preparing Christmas roast or some wonderful dinner with their families. I now have a wonderful beef stock recipe that should be perfect for anyone want to use as a base for a wonderfule Au jus or a soup.


Ingredients 原料

  • Beef bone (neck, leg) 牛骨
  • Beef scraps or trimmings (preferred with fat) 牛肉边角料,如果有肥肉最好
  • Tomato paste 番茄酱(不是番茄沙司)
  • Celery 芹菜
  • Leek 韭葱
  • Onion 洋葱
  • Carrots 胡萝卜
  • Fresh thyme (dried also works) 百里香
  • Peppercorns 胡椒粒
  • Bay leafs 香叶

No need to add salt or garlic to this recipe, this is supposed to be the base of your recipe not the actual dish.

Steps 步骤

  • Prepare a roasting pan, layer beef bone and scraps.

  • Smear the bones and beef scraps with tomato paste.

  • Oven at 400F, roast beef bones and scraps for 45min to an hour.

  • Once tomato paste is caramelized, transfer the content in a stock pot.

  • Deglaze the roasting pan and transfer liquid to stock pot.

  • Put all the ingredients to the stock pot, add water to cover.

  • Simmer for 5-8 hours for best result

  • Strain and discard solids.

  • 拿一个烤肉盘,把牛骨和牛肉铺开

  • 把番茄酱涂抹在牛肉和牛股上

  • 烤箱预热400华氏度,把牛骨和牛肉烤45到一小时,直到涂抹的番茄酱变焦为止

  • 把烤好的肉和骨头放到汤锅,把烤盘用清水清洗倒入锅中

  • 加入原料,再加水没过

  • 小火煮5-8小时

  • 过滤后冷藏保存一星期,或是冷冻数月