I start using linux and ditched my Macbook for about 3 years ago. Mainly because Apple kept making Mac OS more and more like a media consuming product and there aren’t any good laptops from them recently. So I moved to linux, the switch to full linux workflow is a bit different but not unfamilar for me. I was able to use most of the software I wanna use for my personal work and entertainment.

So I first tried the distro I am most familar with:

Homepage: https://ubuntu.com/

Later I had some hardware issue with the ubuntu installation and that made me to switch to the lighter version debian-based distro. Mint

After using Mint for a great while of time, I started to hear about a distro called Arch, but at that time I am very unconfortable with the Arch Live CD where you gotta do everything from scratch. So I choose manjaro instea.

Homepage: https://manjaro.org/

After using Manjaro for majority of the time, I am very liking Arch. The best thing I like about it is AUR, I can almost find anything from AUR, this enabled me to write a very simple script to install all the software I need for my machine.

Recently I came across this awesome configurable script to install arch, alis. Repo

I was able to customize my Arch install and install Arch to my hard drive with one click. If you like Arch but never able to start because of installation, please give it a try.

I forked the repo and added some my personal stuff: https://github.com/r1cebank/alis