Its been a while since I considered the idea of reducing my online footprints. I still remember I started using Google’s service in 2006. At that time, Gmail is not open to registration yet, I remember I had to ask for someone online for an invite. It was a great time to have a account for a 14 year old.

Now 14 years has passed, I use so much Google. My email, photo, home automation, videos. I really love the modern internet where everything is seemlessly integrated. Recently I found out that you are easy to find online, and your personal information (address, name) is really just out there. Not to be too sensitive, but I wanted to reduce my online footprint.

My first step: Remove Facebook

Facebook was one of the service I use heavily when I was at school. I often use to upload stuff I am doing and its the main medium for me to communicate with my friends. Later I realized I get bombarded with Ads that seems too revelant to what I am doing, and in the end, I purchased a lot of useless stuff. It was during 2016 election time when I decided I will never use this platform again. So much misinformation was spreaded by the Ads running there and my friends.

A year after I stopped using Facebook, I request for an account deletion. Before I done that, I downloaded every data they have on me.

Now another thing I wanna do: De-Google

t google

I really have nothing against Google, I do care a bit about privacy but not so much that I need to wear the tin-foil hat. I wanna get rid of some services I am using from Google simply I don’t want to put every egg in one basket. Google is probably never going away, but I wanted to spread some of my online services to other providers simply because I want to make sure if I do mess up and get one of my account compromised, I don’t give them the ability to complete destroy my digital life.

Current plan?

Start finding an alternative email provider.