2020 is an interesting year, although I have made plans to attend Magical Mirai and Miku EXPO, due to the pandemic all of them has been cancelled. The work from home has became a new norm nowdays, and all the travel restrictions has made impossible for anyone to meetup with each other.


  • Able to finish writing the gameboy emulator
  • Lost weight to sub-80 kg
  • Finished reading 4 books in the yearly plan
  • Made good financial decision on stocks
  • Obtained an PDFT keychip
  • Passed JLPT N2

Stop Doing

  • Postponing plans

Start Doing

  • Learn Golang
  • Passing N1
  • Learn Verilog
  • Prepare for plan to move or stay
  • Read 12 Books
  • Learning Vim

Its a challenging year fur sure, and I hope things will improve in the upcoming years, and hopefully the pandemic will be over and I can finally travel.