A lot have happened in 2019, and I have decided to make up a habit on recording the things I have done each year so I can look back and see if I had a good year or not.

Finished Doing

  • Made life changing decision by leaving marriage
  • Left a job that I no longer feel valued
  • Went back to China and visited Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Nanjing
  • Wrote a book “Professional JavaScript” and published
  • Getting from 90kg to 80kg
  • Got a good position at EA
  • Had better relationship with parents
  • Known a couple friend with similar interests
  • Went to Magical Mirai 2019

Stop Doing

  • Eating fast food (zero, that makes you sick every time)
  • Excessive spending

Start Doing

  • Exercise more
  • Cleaning habits

Continue Doing

  • Learning more about AI and interests
  • Learning more about music

It was a wonderful year, and I conclude this review with this wonderful photo I took after the Magical Mirai 2019 concert.